Optimize the management of your emails

Proposed as part of the quality of life at work week, the objectives of this workshop/seminar are as follows:

  • Limit the time spent reading, writing, sorting emails.
  • Avoid information overload;
  • Reduce media dependency;
  • Reduce stress and pressure at work;
  • Improve collaborative work;
  • Develop knowledge of Mozilla Thunderbird.

The speakers will propose to return to the principles of the use of messaging by developing the following aspects:

  • best practices for managing outgoing mail (recommendations on the advisability of using e-mail, the content of the message (identity management, editorial rule, timing of sending e-mails, etc.)
  • the processing of incoming mail (saving time in processing, responding in a relevant way, etc.)
  • Mozilla messaging and its various options (signature settings, routine and repetitive message template settings, organizing incoming mail, filters, labels, etc.)
  • archive management
  • compliance with the law

In the context of the time charter, the proper use of communication tools is a key point, in particular given the multiplicity of tools available. The collective rules of communication are necessary and will also have to be rediscussed and defined within the teams and groups.

A guide in pdf format will also be provided at the end, for use by the personnel of the structure.

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