The Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases brings together, in a collegial and open research environment, a unique scientific community with diverse talents: outstanding group leaders, highly qualified professionals, as well as post-docs and students.

Please find below an overview of the current open positions. We look forward to receiving your application!

If you are a postdoc, please do not hesitate to contact the group leader in your area of interest directly; even if they do not have an open position listed here, group leaders are generally interested in dedicated and highly motivated scientists to join their research teams.



Offre de thèse financée en cardio-oncologie

Le projet de thèse proposé s’insère dans un programme international de recherche en
cardio-oncologie financé par la fondation Leducq. L’objectif de ce projet de thèse est de déterminer si l’inhibition pharmacologique de EPAC1 par des petites molécules caractérisées au laboratoire protège des effets cardiotoxiques de la doxorubicine.

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Postdoc position in cellular biology and mitochondrial metalolism (Eq. Martinez)

The project is to explore IF1 functions and regulation at the cell, organ, and whole-organism levels and in different pathophysiological conditions, and is driven by the hypothesis that enhancing mitochondrial function will promote healthy aging. Pharmacological approaches to target mitochondrial energy metabolism will be also explored.
12 months renewable

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