Publication d’un article de l’équipe LYMPHACTOR (Garmy-Susini) dans Nature Communications

15-Lipoxygenase promotes resolution of inflammation in lymphedema by controlling Treg cell function through IFN-β

Lymphedema (LD) is characterized by the accumulation of interstitial fluid, lipids and inflammatory cell infiltrate in the limb. Here, we find that LD tissues from women who developed LD after breast cancer exhibit an inflamed gene expression profile. Lipidomic analysis reveals decrease in specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPM) generated by the 15-lipoxygenase (15-LO) in LD. In mice, the loss of SPM is associated with an increase in apoptotic regulatory T (Treg) cell number. In addition, the selective depletion of 15-LO in the lymphatic endothelium induces an aggravation of LD that can be rescued by Treg cell adoptive transfer or ALOX15-expressing lentivector injections. Mechanistically, exogenous injections of the pro-resolving cytokine IFN−β restores both 15-LO expression and Treg cell number in a mouse model of LD. These results provide evidence that lymphatic 15-LO may represent a therapeutic target for LD by serving as a mediator of Treg cell populations to resolve inflammation.

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