The laboratory council at I2MC


The Laboratory Council, an advisory body elected for the duration of the renewal of the Institute representing the staff, is made up of ex officio members and elected members.

Collèges Titulaires Suppléants
Ex officio members
Dominique LANGIN (directeur)
Karine MOREIRA (directrice administrative)
Magali DIETTE (chargée de prévention)

Searchers and

associate professors

Anaïs BRIOT, Virginie BOURLIER, Souad NAJIB, Frédéric BOAL, Caroline CONTE, Constandina ARVANITIS, Coralie FONTAINE, Nathalie AUGE, Marie-Pierre GRATACAP, Julie KLEIN, Eric LACAZETTE Jean GALITZKY, Pierre-Damien DENECHAUD, Frédérique SAVAGNER, Véronique PONS, Alexandra MONTAGNER, Stéphanie GAYRAL, Julien VIAUD, Jean Sébastien SAULNIER BLACHE, Florence TATIN
ITA/BIATSS permanents  Gaëtan CHICANNE, Aline MAIRAL, Marie-Adeline MARQUES, Alexandre LUCAS, Lydia PASTEUR Pauline BESSEDE, Guillaume COMBES, Anne MAZARS, Corinne BERNIS
ITA/BIATSS non permanents et Post-doctoral fellows
Mélissa BUSCATO, Camille BERGOGLIO, Nathalie BOULET Alicia VAUCLARD, Emeline BENUZZI, Thibaut DUPARC
Students Alex AUPETIT, Virginie JACQUES, Salwa SOUSSI, Emilie ROUSSEL Snigdha RAO

Responsibilities of the laboratory council

According to the decision of the Director of Inserm relating to research institutes and other Inserm training courses, the opinion of the Laboratory Council is mandatory in the following matters:

  • the drafting of the Institute’s activity reports;
  • scientific and budgetary policy and the allocation of resources;
  • the composition and internal organization of the Institute;
  • recruitment proposals for permanent and non-permanent staff;
  • proposals for the establishment of newly recruited officials at the end of their probationary period;
  • the evolution of the Institute at the end of its life;
  • grouping projects with other research groups;
  • the choices in terms of promotion, information or training;
  • proposals for continuing education;
  • questions relating to working conditions, health and safety at work;
  • the application of the rules of ethics and integrity and of the collective rules of discipline;
  • the conditions of replacement or renewal of the Institute director during the life of the Institute.

The Laboratory Council may also be consulted on any other questions relating to the life of the Institute.


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