Installing a new Cytek AURORA CS Spectral Analyser/Sorter

Thanks to a European REACT-EU grant, the I2MC’s Genotoul Cytometry -TRI platform will be equipped with a new Aurora CS Cytek spectral cell analyser/sorter by the end of December 2021.

This new equipment, which is open to the Toulouse community, combines the multiparametric analysis capabilities of conventional cytometry by eliminating the need for compensations and allowing in-depth phenotyping of cell populations within the organs of interest thanks to a 54 sequential channel photomultiplier. Furthermore, the auto-fluorescence measurement allows to obtain with its deconvolution algorithm, a unique spectral signature for each cell type, which could be the reflection of its state (metabolic, inflammatory, cell cycle) without additional labelling.

This mutiparametric approach, without preconceived ideas, coupled with targeted analyses or other “omics” approaches, would thus make it possible to complete cell mapping at the single-cell level in the research areas carried out by the I2MC centre for a better understanding of human health and the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiometabolic pathologies

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logotype i2mc

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