Since 2011, the French Nuclear Receptor Days have brought together the French scientific community working in the field of nuclear receptors. Following the observation that our paths cross only during international congresses, these French Nuclear Receptors Days are organized on an annual basis to increase our interactions and promote collaborations. The meeting is usually organized over a day and a half, each year in a different city to allow as many people as possible to participate.
The philosophy is that one or two renowned scientists speak in a plenary conference. Then, only students and post-doctoral fellows present their results in a 15-minute format followed by questions, all in English for the sake of training and accessibility to an audience where foreigners working in our laboratories are present.
The objective of this conference is threefold: train young scientists in scientific communications, disseminate recent scientific and technological knowledge, and promote the emergence of collaborations at national and international levels, since members of European laboratories can also join this scientific meeting.

After an interruption related to the COVID-19 health crisis, Toulouse is pleased to welcome the French Nuclear Receptor meeting for its 10th anniversary. The topics covered will be:

  • Nuclear receptors in physiopathology
  • Structure and mechanisms of action of nuclear receptors
  • Nuclear receptors in development and cancers

Important note:

  •  The sanitary pass is mandatory to attend the meeting
  • The meeting could be changed to a remote-only event according to the COVID situation
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