The I2MC is looking for a new group leader

Group Leader Position at the Institute of Metabolic & Cardiovascular Disease

Job description

The Institute of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases (I2MC, Inserm, University of Toulouse, is looking for a young scientist or an established researcher eager to develop a project on the patho-physiological mechanisms underlying these highly prevalent chronic non-communicable diseases.

The successful candidate will be assisted in securing funding through competitive grants to set up and develop her/his own research line and research group. The candidate will benefit from the expertise (signaling, gene expression, mechanism of cell death/senescence, metabolic pathway, …) and know-how (physiopathology, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, omics, …) of I2MC. If needed, I2MC will help in obtaining permanent tenured positions (Assistant Professor or Professor at the University of Toulouse or Research Associate (charge.e de recherche) at Inserm).


We encourage you to apply if you have:

  • a PhD degree in Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Physiology or other related fields
  • at least three years of doctoral or postdoctoral experience outside of France, the latter preferably in a different country than where you received your PhD
  •  excellent research qualities, as shown by a publication record in international peer-reviewed journals
  • a relevant international network
  • a good track record in teaching, appropriate to the career stage is a plus

The Research Institute

I2MC is currently composed of 11 research teams and 6 technological facilities for a total staff of 280 people. Scientists and clinicians work on metabolic diseases (obesity, diabetes and dyslipidemia) and cardiovascular and renal complications (vascular diseases, thrombosis, atherosclerosis, heart and kidney failures). The I2MC has recognized expertise in cell biology, mouse models and clinical work supported by skills in lipidomics, genomics, proteomics, cytometry, histology, cellular imaging and animal phenotyping. I2MC is at the center of a very active network of local, national and international collaborations. The Institute offers the opportunity to work on major chronic diseases in human health in the highly appreciated environment of Toulouse.


Applications in English should include a personal statement explaining your scientific objectives and motivation in joining I2MC, a full CV detailing publications, patents, invited conferences, awards, grants, training and teaching experience, and contact details of 3 individuals who can be contacted for recommendation letters.


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logotype i2mc

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