Membres de l'équipe




Present Position:

− Professor of Physiology (PRE)- Faculty of Pharmacy – Hospital Practitioner (PH) – CHU Toulouse.
− Director of the U1048 Inserm – Institute of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases, Toulouse
− Team Leader: “Stromal Microenvironment and Heart Failure”

University degrees

1980 M.D., University of Pavia (Italy)
1984 Residency in Cardiology, University of Pavia (Italy)
1990 Ph.D., University of Paris VI, Paris (France)
1992 Diploma of Research Supervisor University of Paris VI, Paris (France)

Scientific career

1982-1985 Post-doctoral fellows, U7 INSERM/UA 318 CNRS, Dept of Vascular and Renal , Necker Hospital, Paris (France)
1985-1986 Post-doctoral fellow, Cellular and Molecular Research Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston (U.S.A.).
1986-1992 Established Investigator (CR2 CNRS) U7 INSERM/UA 318 CNRS, Dept ofVascular and Renal Physiology and Pharmacology , Necker Hospital, Paris
1993 Research Director CNRS, CNRS 1482, Dept. of Pharmacology of Cardiovascular Regulation, Necker Hospital, Paris (France).
1994-2006 Director of U388 INSERM, Dept. of Molecular Pharmacology and Renal Physiopathology, CHU Rangueil, Toulouse (France).
Since 2002 Professor at the University of Pharmacy
2007-2010 Director of U858 Inserm - Rangueil Institute of Molecular Medicine – I2MR
Since 2011 Director of the U1048 Inserm – Institute of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases, Toulouse

Hospital duties

1979-1980 Intern in Medicine, S. Matteo Hospital, University of Pavia, (Italy)
1980-1982 Emergency Unit, District of Pavia, (Italy)
1985 Emergency Intern, Dept. of Haematology, Hotel Dieu Hospital, Paris (France)
Since 2005 Hospital Practitioner – Department of Pharmacy

Teaching and Training

Since 2005: Professor Of Physiology – Faculty of Pharmacy – Toulouse
Since 2000: Co-training of 14 PhD students and 11 postdocs.

Scientific activities and expertise

1989-1993 Member of the Administration Board of the French Group of Cardiovascular Research (GRRC)
1989-1992 Member of the Scientific Committee of the Necker Medical School, Paris.
1994-1997 Member of the Scientific Committee of the Recherche et Partage Foundation
Since 1994 Member of the organizing Committee of the French Group of Cardiovascular Research (GRRC) Workshops.
1994-1998 Member of the INSERM National Scientific Committee (CSS 8).
1994-2007 Member of the Scientific Committee of the IFR 131 (Toulouse)
Since 1998 Member of the Scientific Committee of the Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse).
2000-2003 Member of the INSERM/Pharmacology Society Committee
2000-2004 Member of the INSERM/Nephrology Society Committee
2004 Member of the National Scientific Committee of the CNRS
Since 2004 Member of the Scientific Committee of the French Medical Research Foundation
Since 2004 Member of the Scientific Committee of the French Society of Nephrology
Since 2004 Member of the Scientific Committee of the Renal Foundation
Since 2006 Coordinator of the Biomedical Committee of the Midi-Pyrénées Region
2006 Member of the National Research Agencies (ANR), Program: Physiopathology of Human Diseases
2007 President of the National Research Agencies (ANR), Program: Physiopathology of Human Diseases
2007 Member of the Scientific Board of the National Program of Renal Diseases
2007-2011 Director of the Institute of Molecular Medicine of Rangueil – I2MR – INSERM U858
2008-2010 President of the Committee of the French Medical Foundation for the Mescle Award
2008 Vice President of the National Research Agencies (ANR), Program: GENOPATH
2009 President of the National Research Agencies (ANR), Program: GENOPATH
Since 2010 Member of the Division of the Research Strategy of the Toulouse University
2010 Member of the Committee of the French Medical Foundation for the Translational Medicine Program
2010-2013 Member de la Direction Stratégique de la Recherche (DSR) UPS de Toulouse
Since 2010 Member of the Scientific Committee of Ile-De-France Region for the CORDDIM program.
2011 President of the Scientific Committee of the French Medical Foundation for the Cardiovascular Program
2011-2013 President of the AERES Scientific Board for evaluation of Research Unit projects.
2011 Member of the Advisory Committee for the National Hospital/Research DHU program.
2011-2012 Member of the Academic Senate– IDEX Program of Toulouse
2011-2013 President of the University Life Sciences Pole, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse

Associate Editor of “The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Ageing”


CUSSAC Daniel (PU)



POINSOT Véréna (DR1)


SAVAGNER Frédérique (PU-PH)




DOUIN Victorine (MCU)


PIZZINAT Nathalie (CR1)





MARTINI Hélène (Doc)


DUTAUR Marianne (TN)





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