Membres de l'équipe


MARTINEZ Laurent (DR2)

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NAJIB Souad (CR1)

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RAMEL Damien (CR2)


GAYRAL Stephanie (CR1)


CABOU Cendrine (MCU)


PERRET Bertrand (PU-PH)


GENOUX Annelise (MCU/PH)

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DUPARC Thibaut (Post-doc)

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TRENTESEAUX Charlotte (Lifesearch)

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GHEZALI Lamia (Lifesearch)

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BEUZELIN Diane (Lifesearch)

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SOLINHAC Romain (Post-doc)


COMBES Guillaume (AI)


MALET Nicole (TR)


MERIAN Jules (Doctorant)

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GRZESIAK Lucille (Doctorant)


SERVOZ Clement (M2R)

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