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Iacovoni Jason

Facility Manager : Jason IACOVONI



The INSERM I2MC Bioinformatics Core Facility has fulfilled its role in a diverse range of research and development projects with researchers in the Toulouse area since its inception in 2007. Situated in the L4 building, the single bioinformatican available within the facility acts as a consultant on the appropriate use of bioinformatics for your project. For researchers interested in doing high throughput 'omics experiments, the manager can provide consultation services regarding the experimental design and choice of technologies to ensure that the project yields the appropriate results. Current developments are in the fields of Cytometry and Metagenomics, there are projects to evolve ssDNA aptamers, study genome wide interactions of chromosomes with HiC, as well as diverse analyses exploring transcriptomics, proteomics and analyses of gene functional/regulatory pathways. The facilities has a preference for projects with brand new data that lacks existing software support for the development of new methods of biological data analysis and discovery. With 20 years of programming experience and >10 years of daily R/Bioconductor scripting for bioinformatics, we are ready to tackle any interesting project.
In addition to acting as a collaborator for your research project, the Core offers training for biologists in aspects from Genome Browsers to R/Bioconductor scripting. Training is also available for software related to pathway exploration, functional genomics. The range of services and resources available is dependent on the needs for the ongoing research projects. Although each project is specific, the services of the facility are developed in the most "generic" way possible to make developments for one project beneficial for others in the future.



Each project with the Bioinformatics Core is different. To begin a project, request a meeting by email :