AdipOlab is located in rangueil Hospital, Toulouse, south west of France. Our research activity focuses on adipocyte bioactive secretions in normal and obese states and their involvement in obesity associated disorders. Metabolic alterations can occur in the way how tissues/organs behave when dealing with physiological adaptation (physical exercise, overweight), loss of response (insulin-resistance, low grade inflammation, ageing, steatosis) or disease (obesity, diabetes, rare diseases, cancer). Every key tissue in regard to energy metabolism (adipose, liver, muscle) is able to release bioactive molecules (adipokines, myokines…) acting locally or through the entire body. Our expertise in the field of adipocyte/myocyte energy metabolism as well as in the study of adipokines led us to identify original candidates involved in the use of energy substrates, to study their regulations, their metabolic actions in normal/altered situations and settle clinical trial devoted to the proof of concept in humans. Our will is to bring new clues to the question of the involvement of such cell secretory products in the dysregulations observed during metabolic diseases. We identify relevant secreted candidates as well as pertinent cellular targets leading to original pharmacological development and, thus, to improve therapeutic approaches of metabolic diseases. AdipOlab guys set up several mouse models of obesity (of nutritional, chemical, genetic or transgenic origin) displaying different degrees of insulin-resistance or type II diabetes and allowing a comprehensive analysis of these diseases. We developed complementary approaches of cell biology using murine and human cell lines and cultured human tissue explants. Our challenge is to pursue the study of the highly promising candidate apelin (a clinical trial in diabetic people is running on...) and, by using innovative approaches, to search for new original candidates and targets. Our aim is to work from molecular studies in cells to physiological integration in animal models and humans... stay tuned !!!!